Everyday Enlightenment

Enlightenment. It can seem like a daunting concept to the average Western woman or man. It doesn’t have to be.

Simply put, enlightenment is:

  • Being one with your Inner Child while still behaving as a responsible adult
  • Living and loving without being emotionally triggered (Can you imagine?)
  • Being one with All That Is; entering into the eternal now

Enlightenment doesn’t have to be a big deal to arrive at or achieve.

You can get there in every present moment. On this breath, enlightenment is accessible to you.

“With thoughtless breath, instant bliss returns – instant infinity.” – East Forest

So, will you unify with me right now on this Sacred Breath, Dear One? Inhale, hold – remaining neutral and free from thought and emotion – feeling your Oneness with me and All That Exists. (You are all things. It is safe to be all things.) Exhale, release.

There – you just experienced a few amazing moments of Everyday Enlightenment. The next step is learning how to extend the amount of time you spend there.

Photo Credit: Emma Love Photography

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