My Top 4 Book Recommendations for Spiritual Awakening and Ascension

So, you’re still here. That’s cool. All that “freak flag,” “full-expression” stuff in It’s Time to be Fully Expressed didn’t scare you away.

You’re ready for the next level. You’ve accepted the call, and you’re ready to tune into Divine Frequency As You.

Lemme give you some resources to dig into, why don’t I?

These are some of my favourite books to accelerate your path (and one of my living, breathing values is Rapid Ascension and Activation).

There’s a book for every level. Beginner, to deep mother fuckin’ divine diver. (Yes, I just said “divine” and “fuck” in the same sentence. Expect to see that from me on this blog).

Let’s go, shall we? These are my top 4 recommendations for spiritual activation and ascension:

4. Beginner Level – The Big Leap

big leap

  • Dive in and explore your patterns of self-sabotage
  • Get to know the limiting beliefs that are creating your vibration and manifesting a reality you don’t want
  • Learn what’s keeping you from experiencing more love, success, and abundance in your life
  • Find out how to LEAP from your Zone of Excellence and into your Zone of Genius, where you’ll be fulfilled AF
  • Start manipulating time to make yourself available to do and be All That You Are

That’s my take on it, anyway. Message me on IG once you’ve dug into the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, and lemme know what you felt.

3. Deep Divers Only – The Gene Keys

gene keys

Astrological weirdos, this one’s for you! And it even has a biological perspective for you left-brainers out there. I explain this book, “like Human Design on Acid.” (And if you don’t know what Human Design is, all good. Skip it, and start here!)

All you need to know is the time you were born, as well as the birth place. Enter it here, and it will spit out your Hologenetic Profile.

Buy the book. Then, start reading through:

  1. Your Activation Sequence – to contemplate how you’re gonna get to your Divine Life’s Purpose
  2. Your Venus Sequence – to dig into more depth in the relationships in your life
  3. Your Pearl Sequence – to manifest more money, prosperity, and abundance

It is time, my friend, to wake the fuck up. And this book, and your Hologenetic Profile will accelerate your path and smooth out the lumps and bumps and humps that may occur if you don’t read it, or something like it, because what it will do is awaken you to the patterns that have been playing out all along, without you realizing it.

2. Deep Divers Only – The Sophia Code


  • Activate the dormant Goddess within by apprenticing with female Ascended Masters
  • Receive a new initiation with every chapter from one of these Beings
  • Feel her presence and energy in your life whenever you call upon her from that moment forward
  • Be gripped by words that are clearly channelled from another realm – a place vibrating higher and showing us what’s possible

Consider this book like accessing Mystery School right inside your house. I’d highly recommend this for anyone reading who senses their life’s purpose has something to do with birthing a new and better reality on earth.

1. Open-Minded Intermediate Peeps to Deep Divers – The Book Of Mastery


Paul Selig. Oh. My. God. His work is JAW-DROPPING, my friends. Seriously, listen to him on the Aubrey Marcus podcast and message me on IG when you feel your mind expanding from this one.

Paul is a channel (we all are, in one way or another. The question is, how tuned in to your station are you?). Paul’s channelling is in the form of spoken word. He hosts meet-ups where people sit in the audience and his guides, Ascended Masters, or Malchizedek – speak through him at lightning speeds. He catches the words phrase by phrase, and spits them out at a slower speed all of us laypeeps can understand and grasp.

  • Feel your body pulsate at the power of his words
  • Activate your full potential at rates as fast as the channelled messages that come through him
  • Attune to your own unique Divine Frequency, and access your Divine Life’s Purpose

Everyone I’ve recommended this book to has been THRILLED by their experience with it. Many of them have told me about the synchronicity that built in their life before and during reading or listening to this book. I’ll be curious and excited to hear YOUR take on it, my friend.

That’s it, that’s all, my friends. Spend less than a hundy bucks on these books and when I meet you a few months from now your transformation story will move me to tears, expand my heart, and open my mind to hold an even bigger picture of human potential.

I love you Dear One.

Yours in Ascension,


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Main image photo credit: Kinga Cichewicz

3 thoughts on “My Top 4 Book Recommendations for Spiritual Awakening and Ascension

  1. “There’s a book for every level. Beginner, to deep mother fuckin’ divine diver. (Yes, I just said “divine” and “fuck” in the same sentence. Expect to see that from me on this blog).”

    Fuck yeah! I’ve never cussed so much in my life as I have during the “ascension hell” years. JHFC! If someone thinks that cussing and spirituality don’t go together, well, I’d have to say that they just aren’t spiritual enough… and not stepping up enough. 🙂

    I’d said on my blog – which the initials for also stand for Give A Fuck – that I’ve been “saving” the world through harsh language. 😉

    Love your direct delivery. Keep it up. We could stand to quit horsing around on this Ascension Project and git ‘er done already!


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