It’s Time to Be Fully Expressed

I’m allowing. I’m allowing my work to flow through me on higher levels than ever before. And I’m being asked (told, really), it’s time to let my freak flag fly even higher, so that the rest of you can see it and attune yourself to what’s really possible.

That’s what this blog is for. Your spiritual awakening.

If you don’t know what that means yet, that’s cool. I’m here for you sister or bro. It’s time. You landed here for a reason.

It’s time to RISE. To awaken to your full human potential. To allow the divinity that’s laying dormant inside of you to course with passion through every cell of your being.

It is time. It is time. via @brittneybmentor

Or, on the other hand, if you’re already far down the path, I’m STILL here for you. Because, what I know for sure is this: There’s always more.

More love. More bliss. More abundance. Higher frequency.

FullSizeRenderSo, will you join me? Will you attune yourself to the radio broadcasting the divine channel that is yours and yours alone?

As we all attune ourselves to our highest expression, we manifest heaven on earth.

We end human suffering.

If that doesn’t sound good AF to you, you’re in the wrong place. Go find a different blog to read.

Otherwise, continue to follow me. Follow the words that course through my veins and land on this laptop keyboard to be downloaded into your soul.

It’s time to wake the fuck up. It’s time to wake the fuck up. via @brittneybmentor

So, sister or bro, will you rise with me? Will you awaken to your divine broadcast? Will you tune into your unique channel and receive a life full of more grandeur than you could ever imagine possible for yourself.

It’s time to be fully expressed.

Ready to rise, Dear One? There are two spaces open for my event this Saturday in Saskatoon. Will you join us?

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