Birthday Magic

It’s my birthday. And by the powers vested in me, according to Birthday Law, I require that you read this entire blog.

Love. Joy. Gratitude. That’s what I feel today. Are you feelin’ it too?

I woke up early and snuggled my Weenie dog. He tucked his little snout into the crook of my neck and circled his tiny fuzz ball body into the circumference of my arms.

My Weenie’s breath is my favourite way to anchor myself in the present moment. My most joyful way to start my day with love

My heart grew swole with gratitude as I picked out my coziest clothes and attempted to sneak out of the room without disturbing my slumbering giant, Nolan Mortenson.

“Hey, come here.” He whispered words of love into my ear. His arms encompassed me the way I had just been holding Weenie. (What you give out comes back 1000-fold.)

There’s something about a birthday to pierce through the harshness of everyday life and reveal to us the miracles that were always hiding underneath.

They were waiting for us to remember our playful, childlike nature. That part of us that builds forts. That plays in the underneath. Underneath tables. Hiding, giggling in a tent pitched below blankets.

When’s the last time you looked underneath your sorrows? You’ll find Your Treasure there waiting, smiling mischievously at you. “I was here all along,” says Your Treasure. “Why didn’t you come looking for me?”

  • “I was too busy.”
  • “I was worried about money.”
  • “I was fighting with my spouse.”

Whatever the reason, the Magic of my birthday wanted to remind you to find the soft underbelly. That place where compassion and love comes bubbling up from the underneath your pain and suffering.

Will you go there now?

Ready for an adventure? Join me and 7 other amazing soul-centred leaders in a one-day workshop in Saskatoon. It’s on November 24th and there are three spots available.

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